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Looking at the futue of relationships while learning the past

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When I see patients for physical therapy, they often talk about family life.  Things like, “Do ya’ll have any kids?” “Are you married?”.  These conversations are one of the best parts of the career of physical therapy in my opinion.

I get a sense of peace when I meet older couples like I met today that has been together for 50 plus years and doesn’t regret it.  It seems to me like I meet these couples more often in the older generations than in my own.  Don’t get me wrong, I have lots of friends and family who are very happily married.

I find it fascinating in the same way I find watching a pro athlete recover from an injury.  It is the finesse that you get to see in the ideal situation.  It is like the app that has the five-star ratings, you know there is going to be information on how it is done when it is done right.    Even if it is inferred information about their biodata, what background they came from, age difference, stuff people don’t tend to tell you in their stories.

I read the book, History, A Marriage, by Stephanie Coontz.  She suprisingly had insights that I hadn’t thought about previously.

We want our website to also be an open-minded place for thought-provoking articles and news.  We monitor the content we allow to be uploaded and do not tolerate hate speech.

In that same spirit of exploration, we also encourage the honest sharing of insights based on evidence. When possible on the good, the bad and the ugly happening without allowing things to get ugly.

From BBC History of marriage

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