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I am a design junkie.  I love all things beautiful including art, architecture, innovation, nature and of course successful relationships with happy endings.  They may not be stories of marriage, just beautiful stories of things that go right.

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The Divorce Rates

A Happy ending is it what we wish to have after we say "I DO"? Married could be like buying a lottery ticket, everyone can't win the ticket. So, if we're lucky, we probably have a happily ever after life with our spouse. But if we're not, we'll be the other side "DIVORCE". Married is such a risky business, and I hope most of us can work it out.
We're quite fortunate that our nation is not the number one of the highest divorce.

Here are some divorce data around the world.
  • Belgium is at 70%, which is the highest.
  • The U.S. is at 53%.
  • Spain, Portugal, Luxembourg, the Czech Republic, and Hungary are higher than 60%.
  • The lowest divorce rate is Chile, only 3%.

Divorce Rate

Millennial (ages 18-29) Currently Married Percentage, 2005
Millennial (ages 18-29) Currently Married Percentage, 2014
Baby Boomers Divorced Percentage, 1995
Baby Boomers Divorced Percentage, 2010